Your Internal Messaging Service.

Negative affirmations are powerful.  They may have sent you spiraling down in the past and kept you there!  Your internal messaging service is a very influential voice.  If the message that you receive now is blocking your way, then it is time to create a new positive voice that will challenge the way you feel about everything!

But what if you have not had positive thoughts about yourself before?  It can feel such a massive change to go from struggling to find any positive feeling, thought or actions if you are not used to them.  

By building your positive affirmations gradually, and by using your powerful words to create a new way of thinking, you can create and build on to your new messages every day.  Write them down and put them where you will see them, where you need them.  Stick them on the bathroom mirror when you are brushing your teeth, wherever you spend most of your time, your car or with your keys.  Put them anywhere that you will see them.  Say them out loud and the transformation will begin!  If you feel resistance, then you know that the old thoughts are really being challenged and you are on the right road.

The affirmations themselves can be anything that you want to feel, create or be in the future.  From “I am enough” to “there is nothing I cannot overcome” “I deserve to be happy” “I am beautiful” “I can do this” “I have created my success”.  One of my favourite affirmations is “I am surrounded by love”  Say these new messages to yourself, The morning is a good time to infuse yourself with positive messages. 

  • Feel the difference that your positive affirmations are making;
  • Keep going because you are definitely worth it!

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