“I would highly recommend Butterfly Tapping as a means to improving your self-awareness and mental health. Thank you Helen!”

“A combination of talking and tapping helped me to explore some confidence issues I had and also rooted out other issues that I didn’t realise were there! I had 4 sessions and each one left me feeling uplifted and empowered. Tapping is extraordinary.”

“I would certainly recommend embarking on one of Helen’s programmes. She will intuitively know which one is right for you.”

“I’ve come a really long way in such a short space of time. And I’ve faced and shifted things here which I’d been carrying around unknowingly, or even consciously wrestling with, for years.”

“I had been recommended Butterfly Tapping and didn’t really know what to expect at our first online session but I was delighted to find that Helen is a great listener and a skilled and soothing influence.”

“I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with Helen and even if they bring up emotions, I feel I’m in a safe space to release them and major steps forward have taken place as a result.”

Would you like to know more?

If you have not heard of Tapping before, why not book your free, no-obligation discovery call with Helen to see how Tapping can help you now and in the future.

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