I love, love, love using the phone

Long before I started to train as an EFT coach, I was the Managing Director of a telemarketing company called Hammond Marketing Services.  I started it because my dad had just died and my mum wanted a job, but she only wanted to work when she felt like it, so I started my company and carried on doing the same work as I had done for most of my 20’s and 30’s, telemarketing.

People are not as happy to have a sales or marketing call as they are to have a conversation, so that is what all my calls were, conversations, never scripted but like all conversations, they had context and structure.

Whether I was making calls for photocopier salesmen, cabling, IT solutions, psychometric testing, telecoms, travel, engineering, training or legal services I had conversations.  I was always upfront with why I was calling, but I had a combination of skills that I used in every call, polite, professionally cheeky, respectful and confident.  

Confidence is a huge part of what I was doing! I will tell you the secret.  I was being me.   

So, I get asked how did you go from Telemarketing to Tapping, the answer is that I really love to work with people.  I love seeing someone leave my sessions feeling like the issue they come in with is now ok, that the powerful feelings of doom that they came in with have been cleared away, and they are leaving my session with a new feeling that they can now easily manage.  

I get very nostalgic when I speak to telemarketing companies,  I have realised that I will always love database cleaning, qualification calls, follow-ups for email and mailshots and of course booking fabulous meetings by building up relationships and having wonderful conversations. But there are other calls to make at work, chasing payments, chasing deliveries, giving bad news, changing arrangements.  The list is huge!

There are three camps as far as using the phone goes, love it fine or.

If you don’t feel happy making phone calls of any kind for work or at home, Tapping can make a big difference to how you feel before you make the call, during the call and after the call.  What would the call be like if you were happy to make it?  What would be the difference to the outcome if you felt confident in the call and even enjoyed the conversation?  

You would have heard it yourself when someone has called you and they sound apologetic for disturbing and for even speaking to you!  By removing the blockers that are in your way and increasing your confidence to sound happy, positive and able to deliver a clear first, middle and last impression makes using the phone a completely different experience.  

If you would like to clear away your own, unwanted telephone issues that are really not serving you or helping you in any way, grab your free 20-minute discovery sessions so that you can experience what a personalised Tapping session consists of for yourself 

One last very simple thing that is incredibly powerful and really worth remembering.  When you have someone’s name, use it in the conversation and to say hello and goodby and when you give your name, say your first name, and then say your whole name afterwards.   It gives a bit of warmth to a cold call.

And, if you are speaking to anyone who answers that phone, they are used to having people ring and not sound confident and sometimes rude.  SO, perfect for you to sound happy, kind and bit cheeky with confidence and a good helping of politeness, clear message and they know your name!  It is a much better start to your relationship

Would you like to know more?

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