Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Tapping session work as well on Zoom as it does face to face?

Yes. Zoom works really well for your session. All the benefits of the sessions are the same whether they are online or face to face because you are tapping your own acupressure points and following everything I am saying and doing.

How many sessions will I need?

Two sessions are needed initially with additional appointments booked in at the end of each session, clients generally only need up to 4 sessions.

What if my hour is up and I need more time in the session?

I leave time between sessions so if you need just a bit more time, your
session can be extended by a maximum of 30 minutes for just an additional £20! This is particularly useful if you are at the end of your sessions and a few additional minutes can save you the cost of an additional appointment.

When can I book my session?

Sessions start as early as 9.30 and can be arranged through the day until the early evening.

What happens in my session?

Book yourself a discovery call and ask anything you like about your session. I will be happy to answer your questions and I will show you the Tapping points and give you a demonstration of how Tapping will work for you.

How do I book my discovery call?

You can email or call me on 07967162183 and I will send you available times on the days for your discovery call.

Your discovery call will take around 15 minutes and can have a chat on the phone or a short Zoom call.

Can I use Tapping between sessions?

You definitely can! I will explain how to work on your issues between appointments so that you could even cut down on the number of sessions you will need. It is really wonderful to hear that clients use Tapping between visits, but not everybody does and there is absolutely no pressure to.

Contact Helen on 07967162183, or email

Would you like to know more?

If you have not heard of Tapping before, why not book your free, no-obligation discovery call with Helen to see how Tapping can help you now and in the future.

07967 162183

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