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Are you ready to reduce limiting beliefs, feel confident on the telephone and power up the energy of your Team through group Tapping sessions?

Emotional wellbeing is more important than ever with the new ways of working as we adapt to the pandemic. Your staff do not have to suffer in silence. I can help you to build your staff’s resilience through Tapping to reduce stress and anxiety, overcome self doubt and isolation or loneliness, and deal with issues such as depression, bereavement and the menopause.

My mind soothing Team Building sessions are aimed at a maximum group of 4 people, at a time to suit you!

Introduction to Tapping, Tapping points, Tapping on stress and anxiety, re-framing negative and false beliefs, touch & breathe technique moving on to working on subjects that the group can work on together.

General topics are very welcome during the session however they are not suitable for personal issues that would need privacy and confidentiality. Private sessions are available and can easily be arranged. Take a look at my How I Help page for lots more information

Why not have a trial mind soothing session?

Trial sessions are for up to 20 people in groups of 4 so that everybody can have the benefit of their session without it taking over your morning for just £325.

Call me on 07967162183 or

All your sessions, whether they are one to one or in a small group work equally well face to face or via Zoom.

During the sessions, everybody is Tapping on themselves, the only requirements are privacy and a quiet environment to work in.

The first step is contact me to book your free discovery call to ask any questions you have about Tapping and how I can help you with any of the following:

Panic attacks
Low self-esteem

Self sabotage
Emotional issues
Imposter syndrome
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Negative internal message
Isolation / loneliness
Accepting the menopause

More detail on these issues can be found on the How I Help page

Corporate benefit session details

Corporate benefit sessions last a half day (4 hours). Working with individuals or small groups of 4 people at a time for £300. The half day can accommodate a combination of group and individual sessions to suit you. Each half day would be open to a maximum of 20 people, depending on the number of groups etc.

Your corporate sessions can include larger group demonstrations to get everybody who is participating familiar with the Tapping points and the setting up of their session. This saves a lot of time and allows me to get to work straight away with everyone.

Your time can be spent either working on a one to one basis in either a shorter or full session, or alternatively working within a small group of a maximum or 4 on general issues that the group can contribute to. Working with others is a great way of making the session even more effective as it powers up the Tapping energy even more than the one to one sessions.

Please note that group work is unsuitable for sharing private and personal issues that belong in a private and confidential session. While there are techniques that allow the group to work on their own personal issues without the need to share information, it is essential that everyone’s privacy is respected.

I suggest leaving 2 weeks between sessions so that all the changes that have been achieved can be lived with.

All half day sessions are tailor made for you and your needs. They can be a combination of groups and one to one sessions. Book your discovery call to find out how Tapping can create a calm, positive environment and reduce anxiety, stress and anger triggers.

Why not try a trial Tapping session for your team? A trial session is just £250 and can be a mixture of group and one to one sessions for up to 4 hours.

Do you want to know more?

If you are new to the Tapping process and you are wondering how you could benefit from having a few sessions, why not arrange your own discovery call and ask me anything about the sessions that I offer.

I can show you how Tapping can reduce the intensity and power that they have and allows you to reframe situations and reduce the blocked energy that all of these experiences, trauma and negative emotional triggers have.

Long after your sessions end, your team can still be able to manage issues that get in their way using the Tapping techniques and strategies they will learn in their session.

Did you know…

…that Tapping in a group together makes the Tapping session even more effective? The energy in the group session helps everyone to clear the negative energy at a deeper level.

…EFT started in the 1990’s in America and came from an energy therapy called Thought Field Technique.

…Tapping is also known as psychological acupuncture and it also combines talk therapy which allows you to work on your mind and body at the same time.

Terms and Conditions

Business terms of payment will be 30 days with a 5% discount for paying within 10 days of the invoice date.

Rescheduling of a corporate booking is allowed once, after that cancellation for corporate work with less than 5 working days notice will have a charge of 25% of the monthly invoice.

All Tapping session attendees notes are to remain private and the property of Butterfly Tapping and not the property of their employer.

For more details on how I work – check out my FAQS

Would you like to know more?

If you have not heard of Tapping before, why not book your free, no-obligation discovery call with Helen to see how Tapping can help you now and in the future.

07967 162183

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