Are you ready to reduce limiting beliefs, feel calmer,  power up your energy with our Team Building Tapping sessions?


My mind soothing Team Building sessions are aimed at a maximum group of 4 people, at a time to suit you!

Introduction to Tapping, Tapping points, Tapping on stress and anxiety, re-framing negative and false beliefs, touch & breathe technique moving on to working on subjects that the group can work on together.

The Tapping method that I use is also known as Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT and works by connecting to your energy points called Meridians which are located on your head, upper body, and hands.  When these points are gently tapped and you are connecting with all the negative aspects of the issue that is causing any negative reaction, the part of your brain called the Amygdala which is located in the Limbic system is sent a message that you are safe and that you can begin to feel calm, positive and start to rebuild your confidence.

General topics are very welcome during the session however they are not suitable for personal issues that would need privacy and confidentiality.  Private sessions are available and can easily be arranged

Why not have a trial mind soothing session for up to 20 people in groups of 4 so that everybody can have the benefit of their session without it taking over your morning for just £250.  Call me on 07967162183 or [email protected]