“Your session in a safe and confidential place”

My name is Helen Clinton and I am a Certified Accredited Emotional Freedom Technique Coach based near Stratford upon Avon. I am also a member of EFT International, the worldwide governing body for EFT, and I am fully insured.

Tapping works for large and small triggers that are in your way with flexibility and speed.   


It is wonderful working with my clients and hearing the difference that their Tapping sessions have made to them.  Some of my clients prefer to keep their Tapping experience to their sessions while others like to use Tapping between sessions and long afterward.

Your anxiety, loss, frustration, or traumatic experience can be cleared in a safe, confidential space that can give you time to work on anything that is in your way.  There are lots of very gentle flexible Tapping techniques that release the unwanted feelings that you have found yourself stuck with been stuck with.  You will notice when the energy is released, most of my clients feel relaxed while others feel they are ready to get going with something that they have struggled with.  

If you would like to know more about how Tapping can change how you feel about yourself, have a free Zoom chat or contact me on 07967162183 or [email protected]